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Medical Genetics Department
  Faculty of Medicine  
   Medical Genetics Department Office  
   BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre  
   Rm C234, 4500 Oak St. V6H 3N1  
    General Information 604-875-3493  
    Fax Number 604-875-3490  
    Dept. Web site www.medgen.ubc.ca  
    Head - Dr. Marco Marra 604-875-3489  
    Head's Administrative Coordinator - Ada Tsui 604-875-3489  
    Director of Administration - RenĂ© Mrzljak 604-875-2948  
   Cluster 5 Financial Coordinator - Ruby Chang 604-875-2000 x 4097  
    HR Assistant - Grace Kam 604-875-3493  
    Administrative Assistant - Julie Sedger 604-875-2816  
   UBC Campus  
   Medical Genetics Graduate Program  
    Graduate Advisor - Dr. Matt Lorincz  
    Graduate Program Assistant - Cheryl Bishop 604-822-5312  
    Life Sciences Centre  
    Rm 1364 - 2350 Health Sciences Mall  
    Vancouver, BC  
    V6T 1Z3  
    Fax 604-822-5348  
   M.Sc. Genetic Counselling Program  
   Dept. of Medical Genetics  
   Children's & Women's Health Ctr of B.C.  
   Rm. C234, 4500 Oak St., V6H 3N1  
    Co-Program Director (Curriculum Dev & Dir Studies) - Jenna Scott 604-875-2345 ext 4676  
    Co-Program Director (Clinical Training) - Tracey Oh 604-875-3482  
    Graduate Advisor - Dr. Jehannine Austin  
    Graduate Program Assistant - Courtnae Cameron 604-875-3486  
    Fax 604-875-3490  
   Provincial Medical Genetics Programme  
   Dept. of Medical Genetics  
   BC Women's Hospital & Health Ctr  
   Rm. C234, 4500 Oak St. V6H 3N1  
    General Information 604-875-2157  
    Fax 604-875-2376  
    Medical Director - Dr. L. Clarke 604-875-2157  
    Program Manager - Edyta Kowalska 604-875-2157  
   Vancouver Hospital and  
   Health Sciences Centre  
   UBC Site - 2211 Wesbrook Mall V6T 2B5  
    Hayden Research Group  
     General Information - Rm. S179 604-822-7738  
     Dir. Dr. M.R. Hayden 604-875-3535  
     Fax 604-822-7970  
   UBC Site - 2255 Wesbrook Mall  
    Sadovnick Research Group  
     General Information - Rm. G920 604-822-2155  
     Fax 604-822-7362  
   Jack Bell Research Centre  
   2660 Oak St., V6H 3Z6, Rm. 451  
    Immunology Research Centre  
     Director - Dr. W.R. McMaster 604-875-4134  
     Fax 604-875-5606  
   B.C. Cancer Research Centre  
   Terry Fox Laboratory  
   675 West 10th Ave. V5Z 1L3  
    Fax 604-877-0712  
   CMMT - Centre for Molecular  
   Medicine & Therapeutics  
   950 W. 28th Ave., V5Z 4H4 604-875-3535  
    Interim Director - Dr. B. Leavitt 604-875-3801  
    Fax 604-875-3840  
   Child & Family Research Institute (CFRI)  
   950 W. 28th Ave., V5Z 4H4  
    Fax 604-875-2496  

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