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Centre for Blood Research
  4th Floor, Life Sciences Centre  
  2350 Health Sciences Mall V6T 1Z3  
  CBR Administration  
   Office Phone 604-827-7407  
   Office Fax 604-822-7742  
   Dr. Edward Conway, Director  
     Room 4306 604-822-4252  
   Jason Brown, Office Manager  
     Room 4302 604-822-7407  
   Lillian Lin Ah-Yon, Senior Financial Specialist  
     Room 4302 604-822-7855  
  Research Scientists  
   Sue Baldwin Room 4406 604-827-5989  
   Don Brooks Room 4409 604-822-7081  
     Lab 604-822-7082  
     Shared Office 4407 604-822-7774  
   Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu Rm 4408 604-822-7085  
      Lab 604-822-7082  
     Shared Office 4406 604-822-4876  
     Lab 604-822-5451  
   Cedric Carter Room 4467 604-822-7275  
   Edward Conway Room 4306 604-822-4252  
    Lab 604-822-6651  
   Dana Devine Room 4469 604-822-7270  
     Fax 604-822-7135  
     Lab 604-822-7853  
     Shared Office 4468 604-822-7183  
   Charles Haynes Room 4406 604-827-5989  
   Maria Issa Room 4466 604-822-7587  
   Ross MacGillivray Room 4368 604-822-3027  
     Lab 604-822-4900  
     Shared Office 4368 604-827-5995  
   Grant Mauk Room 4304 604-822-3719  
     Fax 604-822-6860  
     Lab 604-822-2526  
     Shared Office 4366 604-827-5994  
   Elisabeth Maurer Room 4466 604-827-5993  
    Lab 604-827-4350  
   Chris Overall Room 4401 604-822-2958  
     Shared Office 4402 604-822-8233  
     Shared Office 4403 604-822-6826  
     Lab 604-822-3561  
   Ed Pryzdial Room 4365 604-822-3823  
     Lab 604-822-7106  
     Shared Office 4364 604-822-7746  
   Mark Scott Room 4464 604-822-4976  
     Shared Office 4463 604-827-5992  
     Fax 604-822-7238  
     Lab 604-822-2312  
   Natalie Strynadka Room 4362 604-822-0789  
     Main Lab 604-822-7729  
     Computational Analysis Room 4361 604-822-8032  
  Suite Managers  
   Mass Spectrometry Suite  
    Room 4342 604-827-5904  
   LMB Spectroscopy & Kinetics Hub  
    Fred Rosell Room 4351 604-822-2526  
   LMB X-ray Crystallography  
   LMB Macromolecular Hub  
    Room 4439 604-822-2526  
   Research Blood Collection Suite  
    Katherine Serrano Room 4441 604-822-7183  

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